Case Studies

Holiday Help with Call Angie FL


The client was a family that had been living in an older home in Clearwater for several years. In 2019, they made a $10,000 deposit on a new construction home, but the project was delayed multiple times due to the pandemic. When the new home was finally finished on December 15th, 2021, the family was asked to move in, but they had not yet sold their existing home. With their contract on the new home set to expire soon, they faced the risk of losing their deposit if they couldn’t move in time.


The family was eager to move into their new home, but they did not have enough money to purchase an additional home while waiting for their existing home to sell. They needed the funds from the sale in order to make the purchase. To make matters worse, they were under a time crunch as they needed to sell as quickly as possible in order to move into their new home before their contract expired.


  • Placing the existing home on the market for a quick sale, despite the holiday season.
  • Negotiating with the real estate agent for the new home to extend the client’s contract to allow for more time to sell and move.
  • Arranging for repairs to the existing home, including fixing the roof and additional repairs, to increase its appeal to buyers.


Our plan was successful! We placed the home on the market within 24 hours, and after receiving numerous offers, secured a full asking price offer in just a few days. We were able to have the roof fixed within a week of inspection, and additional repairs were completed in under a week with the help of Suits N’ Boots construction. Call Angie FL was even able to provide the funds needed for the repairs until the sale of the existing home was complete.

In the end, the customer sold their existing home for the same price they had purchased their new home for and were able to get an extension on their new home purchase until January 31st. By the first week of February, they had moved into their new home, with less money spent on living expenses due to lower maintenance, utilities, and insurance costs. The family was also left with additional savings after paying off their existing debt.

At Call Angie FL, we take pride in our ability to provide personalized attention and exceptional customer service to each and every client. Whether you’re facing a similar situation or just need assistance with your real estate needs, we’re here to help!